Help Someone Who is a Victim

How to Help

Friends, family members and co-workers who suspect someone they know is being abused can get information by calling the Domestic Violence Helpline at (253) 798-4166.

If you have seen, heard, suspect or are concerned about domestic violence or abuse involving people you know, this section offers suggested actions you can take to help.
Your offer of help could make the difference to someone living in an abusive situation.

If you see or hear an assault, call 9-1-1.

Friends and Family Brochure


Warning Signs of Abuse

  • Frequent bruises or injuries
  • The person becomes unusually quiet or withdrawn
  • The person is absent from work a lot or quits their job
  • The person stops talking about their partner
  • The person wears concealing clothes even in warm weather

While there is no single correct way to help a victim, here are some important things to keep in mind: 
  • Talk in a safe, private place
  • Take the time to listen and believe what you hear
  • Don't underestimate the danger
  • Express your concern for the person's safety
  • Don't expect change overnight; be patient and continue to offer support
  • Don't judge or criticize the victim's decisions
  • Encourage the person to make their own choices, but urge him/her to talk to someone in a confidential setting who knows about domestic violence like the Crystal Judson Family Justice Center